Centennial Place - Hexagonal Perturbation Triptych - HAT Trick

Location Calgary, Alberta
Designer/Architect Christian Eckart
Duration Mar 2012 - Mar 2013
Scope - Soheil Mosun Limited was contracted to manufacture and install this public art installation for artist Christian Eckart for the Centennial Place building in Calgary, Alberta. This wall mounted art piece consists of (3) 20'-0" x 20'-0" structures that suspend from the wall using stainless steel air craft cable and rods. The overall art piece consists of (140) aluminum triangular frames, fabricated from aluminum. Mounted to each frame are 11 mm thick laminated dichroic glass triangles. The frames are connected with over (350) custom fabricated 1/2" aluminum brackets.
Highlights - Each frame is a unique size and every bracket a unique angle. All components demand the strictest of tolerances in order to maintain the precision required to correctly assemble this complex art piece. Each dichroic glass panel reflects a unique colour, depending on the viewing angle and time of day (intensity of light).
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